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Public Notary Service Retired


My mom was a Commissioned Public Notary and had been from the start of her career as Real Estate Broker. When she added Insurance and Loan Doc signing to her list of services, her Public Notary signings increased. One year, she decided not to renew her commission and had regretted it. So, I felt that I should just hold onto my commission because of her regret. But, in reality, since my move to the Santa Cruz Mountains, a change of location, I found that the Public Notary service is not in as great a demand as in Marin and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. As of April, 2014 I retired as Public Notary.

Facebook Paid Ads


Paid Ads Improve Reach and Post Performance


According to the 2013 Social Rich Media Benchmark Report (ShopIgniter), promoting your Facebook posts with a paid ad increases organic and viral reach significantly but reduces click-throughs.

Promoting Facebook posts with paid ads increases reach but reduces CTR.

Key Takeaways:

Paid ads make a big difference on Facebook—at least in terms of reach and impressions. But before you start investing in Facebook ads, think about your target audience, focus on your marketing goals and understand how different post types perform when they’re promoted with ads.

Paid ads are used for promotional content, which by default draws less engagement than non-promotional content.

But if you’re trying to build your email list (you’ll need folks to click through to a landing page), then paying to promote the post might be a waste of cash, according to the research.

And don’t forget, whenever you want people to click, give them lots of images!

source: social media examiner

Publish from your mobile device

Standard is a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.

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Forever and ever


On Jan. 26 the U.S. Postal Service will be increasing the price of postage stamps three cents to 49 cents per stamp. This is supposed to be a two year temporary increase and will go back down depending … read more>>></em>
You can still invest at the current rate until January 26th. So I f you are like me, and still post letters by USPS mail, you can buy forever stamps at 46 cents a get a little ahead of yourself. USPS online. Happy New Year!

Sales Suppression Software Programs and Devices are a Crime

Beginning January 1, 2014, Assembly Bill 781 (Chapter 532) makes it a crime for anyone to
knowingly sell, purchase, install, transfer or possess software programs or other electronic
devices that are used to hide or remove sales and to falsify records.
Sales suppression or sales-hiding software and devices allow users to fraudulently hide or
remove sales transactions from their electronic records and under report the true amount of
taxes or fees collected from customers and owed to the State.
These types of software and devices deprive our communities of funding for important
state and local services. They also provide users an unfair competitive advantage over those
who pay the correct amount of taxes and fees.
Violators of this new law could be sentenced to up to three years in county jail, fined up
to $10,000, and will be required to pay all illegally withheld taxes, including penalties and
Public awareness and involvement are essential in eliminating sales tax evasion.
To report suspected sales tax evasion, contact our Tax Evasion Hotline at 1-888-334-3300.
To submit a complaint by email, please go to: