not thinking straight


Mercury will be exactly opposite Neptune on Thursday, July 28th
The planet of Rational Thought, now in early degrees of Leo, is slowing down to a crawl in the Heavens as it prepares to turn retrograde on August 2. Simultaneously, it is directly opposite Neptune, the planet of Dreams, Illusions & Deception, which itself is retrograde and nearly motionless at 6 deg. Aquarius. The influence of Neptune on Mercury is not a good one, since it is the planet of Irrational affecting the planet of the Thinking

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Today, I was trying to create a slide show and found that I was very confused by the WordPress instructions. Could it be because my thinking got in the way?  Or was it because Mercury is well on it way to opposing Neptune?  At any rate, this week is not favorable for rational decisions.

What I discovered in the process of uploading the photos in the post and saving it, is what creates the gallery. The gallery that was a mystery to me. And when the gallery is created, and not until then, do the selection buttons insert gallery or insert slide show become visible. That was the missing ingredient!

Add an image >>> from the computer >>> select files >>> save all changes = gallery >>> select gallery or select slide show.

The difference between gallery and slide show is that gallery will post each individual photos, while the slide show will produce what you see above.