10 tips to help cut expenses


Spring cleaning your finances: 10 tips to help cut expenses
Free up more of your hard-earned cash to invest.
With budgets so tight, how does anyone set aside enough money each month, either to build an emergency fund or to add to a retirement account? Here are 10 easy ideas for generating an extra $250 a month:
1. Cut out the morning coffee run.
2. Drop cable TV- you can find most shows online for free.
3. Cut out eating out one night a month.
4. Borrow two movies from your local public library instead of
5. Make a list before going food shopping, and stick to it.
6. Invite friends for a potluck and play board games.
7. Properly inflate your car’s tires, and clean the air filter
8. Give a gift of services instead of an item. For new parents, give the gift of an evening of babysitting, or some lawn care for a new homeowner.
9. Instead of going to the mall, check out what your town’s parks and recreation department has to offer. Hiking trails, picnic areas and free basketball and tennis courts promise hours of fun.
10. Buy staples in bulk, such as trash bags, laundry detergent, paper products, diapers, and cut down on weekly trips to the store to buy these items