Bypass the Facebook Social Reader


If you would not like your friends to know what stuff you have watching or reading online, either don’t click on Facebook links that ask you to install the Social Reader app or try these simple workarounds.

Option 1: Look for the Cancel button in the window that prompts you to the add the Social Reader app. When you hit Cancel, Facebook won’t install the app to your profile and you’ll be immediately redirected to the underlying article or video page.

Option 2: Some social reading apps in Facebook – Yahoo for example – do not offer the Cancel option and you have to add the app to read the article. In that case, you can just change the privacy settings of that app from “Friends” to “Only Me” and then hit “Okay, Read Article.” Now you activity won’t be visible to any of your Facebook friends.

Option 3: As someone suggested in the comments, simply copy the story title from the Facebook ticker to the clipboard, paste it into the Google Search box and hit the I’m Feeling Lucky Button. This is how you can also read premium news content on the web.