The Djoclate II Is A Portable Music Mixer That Lets You DJ Tunes From Friends’ Devices



Here’s a neat hardware project seeking funding on Kickstarter. The Djoclate II — NB: Djoclate is pronounced ‘chocolate’ with a Dutch accent — is a portable, near pocket-sized music mixer. The idea is to enable the would-be DJ who brings it to a house party to pull tunes into the mix from any music storage device in the room, whether that’s a laptop, phone, MP3 player or tablet. Every partygoer’s music collection can potentially become part of the audio pool. So no more ‘it’s not in my record box/on my playlist/on Spotify’ excuses.

To act as a virtual record box the Djoclate II has two inputs, where music storage devices that have a 3.5mm jack can be plugged in (it will ship with two 70cm 3.5mm jack cables to connect music players, and also a mini-USB cable to charge the Djoclate itself, with no other power source required). There’s also a…

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