Launches Improved iPhone App, Adds Egnyte Support


TechCrunch, a service that helps Gmail users move their email attachments to the cloud to manage and share them from there, today announced that it has added enterprise cloud storage service Egnyte, which combines cloud and local storage, to its list of supported services. This new integration will allow users to send their attachments directly from Gmail to Egnyte and to share them through

screen1With this, now supports Egnyte, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive. As CEO Jesse Miller told me, he believes that his company’s sweet spot is in managing the connection between cloud storage and email. started out as a discovery solution for attachments, but the team quickly realized that people want to stop using their inbox as a storage solution, so helping them move their attachments to the cloud – where they are already managing many of their files…

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